The Innocent Blood On A Man’s Hands

As part of the Seven Deadly Sins topic I went to the butchers. There is a quote that inspired me “the innocent blood on a man’s hand.” As a vegetarian I had expected to be revulsed by the experience. However, after arriving at 7am to be ready for setting up and staying until noon, I was captivated by the butcher’s artistry and respect for the meat. They were proud of their work and dedicated to it. About a week later I went passed the butchers on my everyday commute to the bus and I noticed that the men hadn’t started to set up yet. The lights where off and everything had been left where it was from the weekend tidy up. A couple of days later I found that the owners had gone bankrupt and no-one had gone into the shop since.


We were set a task at College to take abstract photographs.  I took close ups of my sister’s hair on the beach. The light was beautiful so the different tones in her hair were amazing. I like them both in black and white and in colour. The blue tone in the colour image really captured the cold light of autumn.


The fox has always been my favourite animal and Roald Dalh’s “Fantastic Mr.Fox” was the first book I read on my own. My sister has felted fox ears made her by Barbara Keal. We went to the shingle ridge in the late after-noon light. The image that works best is the one where she is looking directly at the camera. Here she looks young and old, vulnerable and wise all at the same time.

Developing on from these we went out again in the depths of winter. It had begun to snow and I found a massive snow coat that engulfed my Sister. When she put on the fox ears she transformed into this magical creature.