These last two images emerged by looking outward again and trying to find answers for  our existence. For me these images are a clarity for me, after finding out about my cousins death I was unsure how to react. So, I moved my emotions to one side and let my subconscious drive my creativity without me knowing it at the time. This projected started with an introverted boy and has ended with my own reflection.

It seems to me that so much of what I discovered is down to the choices we make and are faced with continually. My sadness at the loss of life, the responses we make when faced with challenges around us, who we ultimately end up being, how we perceive ourselves. These are universal.

If, as suggested by some physicists, there are an infinite number of universes and therefore and infinite number of choices, it is inevitable that we will make these decisions that will bring us to the place that we inhabit now.

In response to this idea i have chosen to call this project ‘Inevitable’. It is after all, all about the choices we make.